Why Bikrimart?

We can claim that because we are different in fact we are the very first one that has come with this kind of idea in India. There are many big companies worldwide that are engaged in ecommerce.

All these companies have big warehouses and they offer various products on discounts. This is the reason that the local retailers are not able today to make benefits. And they cannot even compete them because they don’t have as big platform as ecommerce. So to join ecommerce is initially the necessary step for them to get into the competition. We are providing them the opportunity and the main difference between the  big ecommerce companies and us is that we are providing the products to the customers more quickly.

 All the big online stores take 2 to 7 days to deliver the products and people still order from these sites because they help them to minimize their effort and the expenditure of time. At the very same time the buyers get the list of all the necessary products by making a few clicks. And all these things are provided by us within one hour and this is something that no online store has accomplished so far.

The reason that has made us able to be so quick in delivery is that like all other big online stores, we don’t have warehouses in different locations. So we are free from the required courier services. This not only saves time but also saves the money and you are able to open your online store completely free of cost.

We have decided to have our warehouses in our each pin code area. We are to allow all the small retailers to join us with their required service. So we don’t need to go with any courier company. This is where we are going to compete all the big companies and are going to take the benefits of the ecommerce platforms.

We are definitely going to make huge profits as till today there is no company that has been able to build warehouses in each pin code. This is the plus point that enables us to make our services more convenient. In fact, we are the first eCommerce company that is targeting to make business for the retailers, not for the big dealers and the vendors.

How can I join Bikrimart?

We are looking for good retail store with highly motivated people who want to increase their sale, business in their local area, who are willing to understand the power of ecommerce platform. Who are committed to serve their customer better and willing to offer Free Home Delivery Service in their area without any delay and ready to match our delivery timing. There is no upfront charge to join our system but we can stop your services anytime if you are failing to deliver services in your local area as per your commitment.

Are there any charges for this system?

Currently its free, but after 3 month we can charge a minimum amount,  So we can keep upgrading our system to make it more and more flexible and easy to work. We are also planning to integrate SMS alert system for every order.

How long it will take to get up and running?

After signup with BikriMart, and providing all the required documents, it will take 7 working days to give some training and tips to you to be ready to sell online and manage your store online. After 7days you will be live.

How People will know about BikriMart in my Local Area?

We will provide all the required support; we will provide you banner design. So you can put it on your store. And also we can provide other marketing materials; you need to distribute leaf-late, banner and poster local marketing for your store to let people know you are offering online ordering facility and people can do shopping with their smart phones or computers from anywhere and anytime. All the Marketing Materials will be provided to you on your cost.

Customer can place Online Order?

Yes they will, you need to understand the power of ecommerce, our store is design mobile friendly so anyone who is connected with mobile will be able to place order very easily, as you know every house in India have May not computers, but these day every house most of have an Smartphone’s. Our system is designed for them. And also for them who spend most of time in office they don’t have time to wait in front of retail store to get their daily need items.  This system enables your customer to place their order from anywhere anytime and their order will be deliver to their door within hour. We also have flexible timeline to plan their order delivery; it will be delivering within the selected timeframe.

Why our Bikrimart?

As we get to know you are most promising retail shopkeepers and you sale everything from people daily needs in your area, you are keen to provide quality service to your customers, so we thought that first opportunity in your area is yours. And if you are willing to provide services as per our need you will be the only provider in your area.

What if you postpone the joining?

To postpone the joining with online selling through our company is completely your own decision but be sure of the fact that you might lose the opportunity to be the first online retailer in your locality. We will offer the chance to someone else to enlarge his business and the number of customers in your locality through online. Initially we are looking for only one store in each Pin code and we are not planning to go for more till next one year. So the decision is yours.