Sell Your Grocery Online And Help The Nation In COVID-19 Outbreak

Sell Your Grocery Online

COVID-19 spreads the scare worldwide. Many people have lost their lives and many are trying to save their lives in hospitals. The unaffected people like us are ordered to stay indoors and the nation announced the lockdown. It is a crisis and everyone is fighting with it. We are told to do nothing but staying at home to stop the spread of the virus. To extend this effort of the Government, Bikrimart offers  localize an e-commerce platform that helps you sell your grocery online. If you have a shop, you can join our platform and sell your products. We do not charge anything from you during the lockdown period.

Bikrimart has come up with an innovative idea to help our government reduce the affected cases. We are with you in your needs and our local e-commerce platform is specially designed for helping people. Don’t go outside your house and remain safe indoors. Local shop owners can play an important role to avoid the gathering. Besides the marking distance before their shops, they can also turn their store into an e-store. It helps people to order products online from their stores and lessens the crows before their shops.

Corona Virus spreads through cough and sneezes. Every touch to your nose and eyes can make a way to the virus for entering into your system. So, maintain the social distance from each other and stop your steps to go outside.  Shop owners are requested to sell their grocery online on the localize e-commerce platform.

We do not charge anything from you to have a store on this platform. You can display your products and customers can place their orders from your store online. In the situation of crisis, we all need to help the government with the support. Bikrimart has designed an idea to help the society and it cannot be fulfilled without your help.

Join our platform and make the purchase digitally. You can sell your products online and customers will get the needed products to their door. Join localize e-commerce platforms

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