Sell Grocery Online In Your Local Area Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Grocery selling online platform

Bikrimart is re-launching its grocery selling online platform at the time of the COVID-19 outbreak. People remain in their house and the lockdown is the only solution to stop the spread of the virus. Bikrimart is trying to help people with this innovative approach.

By joining Bikrimart grocery selling online platform, shop owners can sell their products in their locality, and customers will also get products at their home. When everyone is fighting against COVID-19, this innovative benefits everyone.

So, we request people to maintain lockdown completely. Support the decision taken by the Government and remain safe in your house. For your daily needs, we send grocery products to your door.

Grocery shop owners can extend their help by opening their e-store on Bikrimart for free. You will get a store online form where your customers can buy products. You will receive the product order in your area. So, we try to make things easier when coronavirus stops the market completely.  

Bikrimart understands the need for local stores to come online because everyone prefers digital buying.

If you have a grocery shop, then keep the gate of your shop always open for customers. With our grocery selling online platform, customers can order products always. As a shop owner, you can choose the delivery time. 

We are offering an online grocery selling platform that connects shop owners with the buyers. COVID-19 changes our living completely. We are scared and keep our eyes on TV news. The growing number of infected cases makes us worry. But we can contribute to reducing the effect by staying at our home and maintaining the social distance. Bikrimart is supporting the lockdown and urges people to remain in their house.

Shop owners can contact us for opening their stores. Call us and build your e-store for free. To get detailed information about the order acceptance and product delivery, contact Bikrimart. We welcome everyone to join our grocery selling online platform and sell online. We need your support to help the society.

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