Due to the Corona outbreak and Lockdown, we are offering this application absolutely free for first  month so Vendor can easily join and sell the product in their own area Pincode.

There are no hidden charges, after three months we will lunch a subscription plan for this app, so the vendor will have to pay a  minimum monthly fee and can sell on our platform forever.

We respect your and our customer privacy, we never sell data with any third party. Bikrimart Services have all right reserve for data.

We have an online customer registration form. To register on Bikrimatrt.com you have to fill it up. You should have an authorized trade license and should give us a computer scanned photograph of you. After reviewing your information you will be registered as early as possible.

There are no upfront charges and commission charges on Bikrimart.com. You will be charged only a monthly subscription fee, there will be no charges on the sale you will make.

There are certain criterions that should be matched if you are to sell on Bikrimart.com. You have to be an authorized grocery retailer in India. You should sell only fresh and quality products and most importantly you should comprehend the power of online selling.

Bikrimart.com primarily focuses on the products needed for daily usage namely grocery items. The products that can be enlisted here are home care products, beverages, health care products, dry fruits, spices, flour, rice and laundry products.

Yes. You can still sell products in spite of not having a website. All you have to do is to list the products on our webstore.

Once you are done with the registration procedure, our team will work closely with you to create your own catalogue. You will also be provided with the access to online panels through which you can easily manage your online listings.

It is a very easy task to sell on Bikrimart.com. At first you have to list the products that you want to sell. Customers see your products and they make purchases. You will receive an email from us to deliver the products. The delivery is done by you and the payment is also received by you from the customer.
Can I sell outside my pin code area through Bikrimart.com?
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No at this moment you can’t sell outside your pin code area as Bikrimart has
primarily focused to provide its services in the areas divided according to the pin

The name of the retailer will be clearly indicated in the invoice that will be given
to the customer at the time of delivery. So the customer will definitely come to
know about the retailer from whom he or she is actually buying the product.

You are free to cancel your subscription any time but be sure of the fact that after
your cancellation, the most eligible retailer of your area will be offered to join us.

You will be paid directly from the customer of your locality as the products will be
delivered by the personnel employed by you.

Yes. Bikrimart.com helps you to be protected against fraudulent orders and
payment fraud.

Yes. If you have any queries about selling on Bikrimart.com. You can contact us and
provide your details. We will respond to you as early as possible.

You don’t need to worry about capturing images and creating digital catalogues as
Bikrimart has online product list. If you want to add products beyond this product
list you can request about that and we will definitely think on it.