Loyalty Program

What is a Rewards Point?

Rewards Point is the loyalty program offered by Bikrimart. Rewards Point is the loyalty point that a Bikrimart customer earns on completing an order or other event based activity like registration. A Bikrimart customer can use the earned Rewards Point as a payment method for future purchase. Only registered users of Bikrimart can avail this program.
How do I earn a Rewards Point?
A Bikrimart customer earns Rewards Point for every completed transaction or events like registration, as per the following rules
Order size between Rs. 501-1000: 5 Rewards Point per 100 Rs.

Order size between Rs. 1001-2500: 10 Rewards Point per 100 Rs.
Order size above 2500: 15 Rewards Point per Rs. 100

How do I redeem a Rewards Point?
At the time of checkout, a customer can specify Rewards Points to be debited. One Rewards Point is worth 10 paisa. A Rewards Point can be clubbed with existing discount coupons. In case the order gets cancelled, Rewards Points will be credited back to the customer account.
Does my Rewards Point expire?
A Rewards Point expires after a year. For instance, the Rewards Points earned on 26th of Jan 2015, will expire on 26th of Jan 2016. At the time of redemption, the earlier Rewards Points get debited first. For instance, a customer who has earned 2000 Rewards Points from transactions on 26 of Jan (400 Rewards Points), 1st of Feb (600 Rewards Points) and 8th of Feb (1000 Rewards Points) and wants to redeem 1500 Rewards Points on the 14th of Feb transaction - the Rewards Points earned on 26th of Jan will be leveraged first followed by the one earned on 1st of Feb and then the Rewards Points from 8th of Feb will be leveraged.
How much Rewards Points do I have?
A Bikrimart customer can know the status of Rewards Points by logging and going to the "My account" section. One can view the details of all transactions that helped earn and redeem Rewards Points.
Can I transfer my Rewards Points?
A Rewards Point is tied to a user account and is non-transferable to any other account.