Unique Online Shopping Options

Grocery shopping & Fashion shopping are like chalk-n-cheese, two different ball games altogether. While the former shopping needs premeditated product listing, preferred quantity, irritating wait at the grocery stores etc. the latter needs more of a whim or an occasion to shop. 

Bikrimart.Com very deeply understands this grocery purchase insights and has launched the following path-breaking online grocery shopping methods  that will not only allow you to  maximize your profit, time utilization, buying ease, product range but also delegation of workload in your day to day life. “Click  Bikrimart. Click happiness”.

  • SHOP AS PER MY LAST ORDER :   This option allows you faster grocery shopping  as per  your  “last purchase list” or as per your “Family budget’s ’s pre-quantified & pre-determined” grocery needs.  Just modify your list, if any and simply check-out. Your grocery shopping is over.

  • MY QUICK ORDER :  This option allows you to quickly cart your pre-selected and pre-quantified product lists. Just type, cart & quickly check-out. Your grocery shopping is  over.

  • LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ?  This option allows you to seek guidance to find or figure out any products or brands currently not in your memory or purchase list. Just type your query in the “search-box” and access multiple, similarly named product options.

    When your are really hard pressed for time or during your internet connectivity failure , this option allows you to place your order offline & directly to our customer service desk at 7890019971 between 08am-08pm.