My List

My list is the new inclusion of Bikrimart to make your experience of online selling easier and convenient. When you are buying any fashionable garment or any electronic equipment, you might not need to make any list because you are not certain of the fact that which product is going to be liked by you. But in case of grocery items, you will select only those things that you need on monthly basis. So why would you select them one by one? Bikrimart has brought to you the option of my list where you can enlist the products that you need in every month or in every week. By enlisting the products you are free of the headache to make the list every time. Even you can add new products to the list when it is necessary and can also remove the products from the list when there is no need of the product.


Bikrimart has been designed to make your online shopping easier in every respect and to do this we have included this service along with our one hour delivery, free home delivery, unique return services. To avail them at a time you must visit our webstore.