2 hour Delivery

The facility of 2 hour delivery is the USP of Bikrimart. This kind of service has not been provided by even the big names in ecommerce. Bikrimart has developed such services that make it able to deliver your desired products within one hour and that too completely free. But there is a certain duration of time to deliver the products. All the products will be delivered within 7 am to 10 pm. Our representatives will deliver the products at your house with the cash memo where the value of the products will be mentioned.


There is a unique idea behind developing this fast delivery service. The big companies of ecommerce have warehouses in specific areas and they supply the products from those places but Bikrimart has retail stores in your area from where all the products will be delivered. So naturally a lot of time is saved and we are able to meet your need within one hour.


Another benefit of having a webstore in your locality is that you are relieved of any kinds of doubts regarding the quality of the product and about the process of replacing it. If you receive any kinds of disputes in the product you can take it to the retailer and he will definitely replace it and if you want to change the product, do the same. So enjoy the delivery within one hour with Bikrimart.