Free Home Delivery

Bikrimart is an online grocery retail store that delivers the products to your home within one hour and this fast service is completely free. There is no online grocery shop like Bikrimart in India and the unique facilities of it makes it different from the other webstores. Presently we are dealing in the grocery items that are needed every day and we provide them with the fastest service that cannot be provided by any of the popular webstores.


The reason that made us able to provide all your necessary things at your hand within one hour is that we have Bikrinart retail stores in your area. This makes you able to get all the products so fast without paying anything. There are several other benefits of having Bikrimart retail store in your area. Apart from having the products quickly with a free service, you are also able to make yourself free from the doubts regarding the quality of the product and about the return policy. If there is any dispute in the quality of the product, you can take it back to our retail store and we will replace it.


With Bikrimart enjoy all the above mentioned benefits with a completely free home delivery service. At the time of receiving the product pay only the value of the product mentioned in the bill.