Sasta Bhi, Acha Bhi Weekend Deals for You


Saving and shopping hardly go together! But, the weekend deals of Bikrimart are what you can say ‘Sasta Bhi, Acha Bhi’. We bring the largest ever local online supermarket to your door to make your shopping easier and convenient.

When prices fall on your favorite brands, you must not waste your time in long queues. Do not think about the load of your shopping bags! It will be lifted by us. Do you trust your local market, the very known shop you share a good relationship with? The products you love will be delivered from the store you choose in as fast as an hour by Bikrimart.

Our deals allow you to pay less, save time, do savings, and plan big for the next shopping. We put a wide range of products on offer so that you can find something interesting on every shelf of our supermarket, from groceries and gifts to fashion and mobile accessories.

Weekend deals are specially planned for you to offer a fun shopping experience with the widest product collection on offer. Get amazing discounts on the purchase of your favorite products on the weekend days and save time and money both.

Weekends are meant for relaxing, spending times with friends and family, or learning a new thing. Shopping may spoil special moments. This weekend, we give you a chance to stay with your passion. Keep your shopping list ready and order us what you want.

This weekend, some popular products drop their prices only on Bikrimart. To know which products are on the list to make your weekend wow, stay in touch with us on our official social media page –

Don’t Miss Daily Deals on Bikrimart


Prices fall every day on Bikrimart! The largest local online supermarket welcomes you to check latest deal and grab the products you love on an offer price. The online store as vast as the real supermarket offers you products in personal care, household needs, groceries, beverages, food, fashion, and more.


Don’t miss our everyday deal where a set of popular products will be on discounts which you will never find anywhere. The offer is valid for a day, but if stocks are sold out, we close the deal. So, visit Bikrimart every day and check our latest offers and discounts. Buy fast before they fly off from our shelf.



Shopping online can never be so exciting! Our product range is so huge that you can pick your necessary items easily. We keep every best-choice and popular brand for you.

Deal on personal Care:


We are as bigger as your choices are. We include bath & body, hair care, skin care, oral care, deos and perfumes, and face care products. Our everyday deal ensures that you can pay less for your favorite products.

Fruits and Vegetables on Discounted Prices:


Fresh fruits and vegetables add flavors to your diet and help you stay healthy. Bikrimart delivers your order directly from farms to your fork with freshly picked vegetables. When you buy these essential items cheaper than the market price, you surely have a reason to be happy. Leave a shopping list to us and we carry your bags to your door in an hour. Our daily deals give you an ease of shopping.

shopping bag

We know you share a special connection with local stores. They are trustworthy and know you very well. Now you can order products from your chosen local store online through Bikrimart. Do you need your order in an hour? We are the one who can help you. Buy any products from us and we take as little as an hour to deliver your shopping bags. Need to replace or refund anything? You can directly contact the shop owner or can communicate with us. We will be happy to help you. Our easy return policy makes you feel satisfied.