Shopping In Rains with Bikrimart


Rainy days are meant for relaxing with a cup of hot tea and spicy pakoras. Shopping on rainy days is like a nightmare. Muddy streets, rain-drenched weather, wet breeze, and the non-stop shower will definitely spoil your plan. This monsoon, Bikrimart helps you do your shopping easier and in a convenient way. Pick your phone and click Bikrimart. Get the largest online local supermarket on your phone. Place your order and we deliver your shopping bags in as little as an hour.

Plan your favorite dishes and we deliver your ingredients in these heavy rainy days. Our stores are open 24/7. Drop your shopping list anytime you want and we promise you to give the fastest delivery than others.

We bring you the largest online local supermarket where you get products, from grocery to gifts and fashion to foods. Our stores are huge and you get your trusted brands also. Take a quick glimpse of what we offer.


At our grocery store, you get everything that you need. We have a store for fruits and vegetables where freshness is assured. Quality vegetables add flavor to your dishes and they make your food tastier. Get high-quality grains, flours, dry fruits and nuts, oils, spices and sugar, and more from Bikrimart. Don’t miss our offers. Buy regular, essential items and get discounts that save your money for the next shopping. Enjoy Rains with your friends and family. We take care of your shopping on rainy days.

Household Needs:

Along with happy drops of waters, rain brings darts and germs also. So, maintain hygiene in your house with our wide range of products. From detergents to dishwashers to cleaners, you get every necessary item at our store. Get all the trusted brands and seal the quality of products.

Personal Care Products:

You need to take a special attention to your skin and hair care in rainy days. Skin irritations and hair falls are very common problems. Get your favorite brands and nourish your skin and hair in the best way. Bikrimart brings you the most popular brands like Dove, Ponds, Pears, Vivel, and so many. Take care of your skin and protect it from common damages.

Biscuits and Snacks:

Do you know crunchy biscuits and snacks give you the best company on rainy days? Grab a pack of your favorite biscuit and enjoy a leisure conversation with your friends when cloudy, gloomy sky outside makes the environment poetic. Take a sneak peek to our snack and biscuit store and order your favorite brands.

Instant Foods and Noodles:

Say bye to your mini food cravings with instant food and noodles. All popular brands are available on Bikrimart. Pick your favorite products and let us carry your shopping bags to your door. You no need to wait too much for your order delivery! We take as little as an hour to reach you.

Enjoy rains the way you like and we take care of your shopping in this monsoon. Give us your shopping list and feel the happiness of rains with friends and family.



Shop Locally With Bikrimart and Make a Bond of Trust


Do you regularly shop online? If yes, then answer a few more questions.
Have you ever got the same day delivery? Do you know the store your product comes from? Is the product return or refund easy?

We can guess all questions have the same answer – No.
If you want to get a new online shopping experience, try Bikrimart. It comes up with all those things that are missing in the regular online shopping. We offer you a very innovative approach – shop online locally and get your product within an hour.

Bikrimart brings your local market to your doorstep and makes your online shopping easier and trustworthy. This one-of-a-kind idea opens up new opportunities for both buyers and store owners. Our aim is to create a bond of trust when you buy something online. We have successfully crossed the first step to gain consumer support and we are thriving for achieving the next.

Why do you shop locally?
Local market offers unique products that big e-commerce companies can’t offer. Besides this, your local shop owners know you very well and give you quality products for your health and well-being. There are many benefits to shop locally. Read on to know more.

The fastest delivery of your product:
Bikrimart offers you the fastest delivery of your product because we have a warehouse cum retail stores in your pin code area. So, we collect your order from the nearest shop to your residence and deliver it to your door. So whenever you need an urgent delivery option, Bikrimart will always be with you.

Make a Bond with Your Local retail Community:
Bikrimart keeps everything transparent to its buyers. You are able to know where your product comes from and you can directly communicate with the store owners in case of any product disappointment. It is just like you shop from your known local store. Bikrimart only makes the shopping easier by bringing your local market in the comfort of your home. Thus, you can make a bond with the local retail community.

Get one-of-a-kind product:
Your local stores have unique products to offer which giant companies can’t give you. Bikrimart offers you to explore local stores and find what unique things they offer to you. You get a local flavor in your online shopping, especially when you order food and vegetables. The bikrimart Grocery store has already been gaining appreciations from the buyers. The store is so huge and so large that you can get your product of choice without any compromise.

Good for your health:
Local stores come first on preference list when it is about quality. They never sell poor quality products to you and never charge you extra. Shopping from Bikrimart is like shopping from your trusted store. Visit the My Store option from our App and select your store preference. We promise you to offer the products you love from the store you trust.

Enhance the local community:
With Bikrimart, you also have a chance to improve your local retail community. When you shop from your local store, you help in improving the local business. So, in the end, you pay something back to the place you belong from.

Bikrimart allows you to shop locally and make a bond of trust with your local market. We offer you the largest online supermarket that has stores from your local area. If you haven’t tried Bikrimart yet, download our app today and start shopping.

Sasta Bhi, Acha Bhi Weekend Deals for You


Saving and shopping hardly go together! But, the weekend deals of Bikrimart are what you can say ‘Sasta Bhi, Acha Bhi’. We bring the largest ever local online supermarket to your door to make your shopping easier and convenient.

When prices fall on your favorite brands, you must not waste your time in long queues. Do not think about the load of your shopping bags! It will be lifted by us. Do you trust your local market, the very known shop you share a good relationship with? The products you love will be delivered from the store you choose in as fast as an hour by Bikrimart.

Our deals allow you to pay less, save time, do savings, and plan big for the next shopping. We put a wide range of products on offer so that you can find something interesting on every shelf of our supermarket, from groceries and gifts to fashion and mobile accessories.

Weekend deals are specially planned for you to offer a fun shopping experience with the widest product collection on offer. Get amazing discounts on the purchase of your favorite products on the weekend days and save time and money both.

Weekends are meant for relaxing, spending times with friends and family, or learning a new thing. Shopping may spoil special moments. This weekend, we give you a chance to stay with your passion. Keep your shopping list ready and order us what you want.

This weekend, some popular products drop their prices only on Bikrimart. To know which products are on the list to make your weekend wow, stay in touch with us on our official social media page –

Weekend is Awesome With Bikrimart Deals

Knock, Knock!

Who’s this?

Bikrimart with your order, sir!

This weekend, relax at your home and plan some enjoying events with your family and friends. You may be a great cook and you are planning to prepare a delicious dish. But shopping and long queues spoil your mood for innovation. Don’t Worry! Drop your shopping list on Bikrimart and keep the recipe book ready. We are carrying your shopping bags in as fast as an hour. Surprise your dear ones with the magic of your cooking skill and we promise you to give the best quality food and other items at a cheaper price than the market.

It is said that cooking is the stress buster and induces fresh energy in you. This weekend, leave the workload behind and find happiness in mixing spices and flavors. Bikrimart opens to you the largest online local grocery store with a wide range of product items. From fruits and vegetables to grocery and staple, everything is now just a finger touch away.

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A weekend is meant for our skincare. Everyday work pressure leaves us with no time to take care of our skin, but this weekend brings smiles to our face. Shop from Bikrimart online and get an amazing discount on your skin care and personal care products. Your all favorite brands like Dove, Lux, Pears, Patanjali, Vivel, Gernier, and more come to make your skin rejuvenating and bright. Place your order on Bikrimart and get products within an hour.

Love noodles and instant food? This weekend, we bring you the best price on instant food products. Shop quick, Save more, Eat fast!

Our largest fashion store also stays crowded on weekend, but you no need to stand in the crowd. Choose the products you want to buy online and you can even pick your favorite local fashion store. We deliver in as little as an hour.

No matter whatever you need, Bikrimart is always there for you. We open the largest local online supermarket where you buy products from the comfort of your home and get the fastest delivery.

Grab our weekend deal and get the price cheaper than the market. Hurry! It is a deal for this weekend only.